Gore Helping Dems to Raise Money

Al Gore (search), largely absent from this year's presidential campaign, is renewing his efforts to help the Democratic Party raise more money as Election Day approaches.

In an e-mail Thursday to Democratic supporters titled, "Don't let it happen again," Gore said the party needs funds to get out the vote for Sen. John Kerry (search) in battleground states. He reminded donors how his 2000 campaign for president had to pick and choose which states to target due to limited resources.

"We were forced by the limitations of our campaign funding to make a series of tough choices — including a decision to go for it in Florida and scale back in Ohio," Gore's message said.

"If we had been able to pay for a full TV ad campaign in all of the key battleground states, we might not have lost Ohio by a thin margin. And of course, even though I think we won Florida, well, you know what happened there," he wrote.

Gore, who won the popular vote in 2000 but lost the electoral vote to George W. Bush after the Florida recount, endorsed Kerry in March after his first choice — former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean — fizzled in the Democratic primaries. Gore has assailed Bush in several speeches but has not campaigned with Kerry.

In April, Gore donated more than $6 million from his 2000 campaign accounts to five Democratic Party groups.