Topics and Guests, October 12

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Tuesday, Oct. 12:

Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry (search) takes a down day ahead of his third and final debate with President Bush.

The commander in chief, on the other hand, is choosing to keep on campaigning — visiting Colorado and Arizona and hitting Kerry on recent comments regarding the War on Terror.

Then — Why Florida's 2000 battleground Broward County is facing new vote problems.

Plus — Mark Hyman, Vice President of Corporate Relations for Sinclair Broadcasting talks with Brit about the company's plans to air "Stolen Honor", a documentary that's been characterized as anti-Kerry by Democrats on its 62 stations, during primetime programming just weeks before the presidential election.

Also our correspondents report tonight from the following locations

Jim Angle is in Phoenix and will brief us on President Bush's day on the campaign trail.

Steve Centanni is at the Pentagon and will tell us about a former Gitmo inmate who now heads up a group of tribesmen fighting alongside Al Qaeda fighters in South Waziristan.

Brian Wilson is in Washington where he looks at some of the problems voters are experiencing as they attempt to register to vote on November 2.

Greg Palkot is in Baghdad and will bring us the latest news out of Iraq.

Steve Brown is in Chicago and looks at the many Bush/Cheney and Kerry/Edwards campaign offices around the United States that have been vandalized during the presidential campaign.

Stay tuned to FOX News Channel for complete coverage as You Decide 2004!

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