Thrill Seekers Pay Big Bucks for Zero Gravity

Thrill-seekers looking for the ultimate ride have been flocking to Zero Gravity Corp. (search) to experience weightlessness without having to go to space.

The company's "Zero-G" flights are the brainchild of Peter Diamandis (search), who said the flights aboard the firm's modified Boeing 727 allow customers to "feel what it's like to walk on Mars" for the tidy sum of $3,000.

Most trainees aboard a flight recently experienced by a FOX reporter said the weightlessness was worth every penny.

"Anyone who is an adrenaline junkie should do it," said 16-year-old Seth Coleman.

But not everyone thinks the experience is out of this world. Hugh Hoffman said he took the flight, but wouldn't do it again.

"'If you're my age don't — just don't. Just stay the hell on the ground!" the 83-year-old told FOX.

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