Star Jones Shocks Co-Hosts With 'Ho' Comment

Star Jones (search) shocked her co-hosts yesterday when she called a talk-show guest a "ho" on "The View." (search

The diss came in the middle of a segment featurng talk-show host Maury Povich (search), who was talking about a memorable guest on his show who has accused 10 different men of being the father of her baby.

He said he was actually heading out after his appearance on "The View" yesterday to tape another episode featuring the woman.

According to Povich, the woman had nine different men subjected to paternity tests, but still hasn't found the baby's dad.

"She's a 'ho, okay," Jones broke in. The unexpected remark drew nervous laughter from her co-hosts.

"If it were a guy, you wouldn't say that," co-host Joy Behar (search) said.

"Excuse me, if it were a guy, I would definitely say that," Jones said. "If you're sleeping with more than 10 people within a two week period — you're a 'ho. Okay?"

"Star's comment within the context of the discussion that was taking place was her opinion of how the woman was portrayed," a "View" spokesman said. "Her comment was not meant as a personal insult, but more as an observation of her behavior."