Soldier Ride Route

Chris Carney, a local rugby player and bartender from the East End of Long Island, embarked on a 4,200 mile cross-country bike ride from Montauk, NY to San Diego, CA on August 17th on behalf of Soldier Ride in conjunction with the Wounded Warrior Project. For more information please visit:

"The Soldier Ride is a great story because it shows who we are: We're a country made great by people who take initiative, reach out to help others, and don't wait around for someone else to take up the slack. Chris Carney is proof positive that we live in tough times in a country that has been pressed again to show just what it's made of. He also proves if you look a little closer, we are still a blessed nation: all around us a new Greatest Generation of Americans are doing GOOD and noble things, and I for one intend to give them coverage." — Tony Snow