Oct. 13, 2004

War on Terror:

I’m doing drive-by blogging today; I’ll hit the debates and look forward to the rest of the campaign in tomorrow’s installment. There are a handful of must-reads today. First, check out a brilliant essay on Islamofascism here. Wretchard, the nom de blog of the Belmont Club’s patron and founder, makes the point that Islamofascism is devoted to the cult of violence and murder not because it believes the slaughter can advance a cause, but merely because its practitioners can in fact torture and kill innocents. This tells you two things: first, that the bin Laden brigades, far from being triumphant and strong are in fact so weak that they can do little more than pounce on the defenseless. This makes them only slightly lower on the evolutionary ladder than muggers and arsonists. Second, it also indicates that men like Abu Musab al Zarqawi indulge in the lust to murder because they have become addicted to bloodletting. This happens when killers abandon themselves to evil; they come to crave the mere act of extinguishing lives. This would explain why the beheading phenomenon has accelerated in recent weeks, and the killers have become more indiscriminate. Most of the recent victims have been Muslims, not Americans. But don’t take my word for it. Read the essay.

War on France:

On an entirely different front, check out this hilarious piece in the Washington Times. The French apparently have come to the shocking realization that they are inhospitable hosts, and that the rest of the world hates them – not because of their might or power, but because they behave like boorish jerks. A French scholar has assembled a list of 81 suggestions for his countrymen and women. The news story does not say whether even one of them concerns the regular and vigorous use of soap or deodorant.

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