The Final Debate

This is it: The last chance for President Bush (search) and John Kerry (search) to go face-to-face and challenge each other on who has the better plan for America. If the ratings for the prior debates are any indication, a lot of you will be watching tonight — when you're not watching the ballgame!

With the polls giving conflicting information about who's in the lead, neither man appears to have a lock on this race. I'm willing to bet they both are feeling the pressure. It's intense — and something as simple as a clever retort, or as accidental as body language will all go on the scorecard. So I hope you'll watch the debate then rush to your computers and fire off an e-mail to me with your comments:

By the way, we got some doozies from you all on the subject of the president's and Sen. Kerry's health care plans. I had planned to read these on the air today but ran short on time; so instead I'll share a few with you here on the blog:

From Monica Bryant, Colorado Springs, CO:

"...The fact of the matter is that I know quite a few people that are offered health insurance at their workplaces, but choose not to pay the extra $100-200 a month they are required to pay because they'd rather have that money for extras like cable, cell phones, entertainment, new furniture, new cars, etc. I don't think there are so many uninsured because they can't afford it — I think it's because they don't want to afford!"

From Kenneth Tran, Nashville, TN:

"...Americans should look in their mirror to find the reason for the cost of rising health care. How many times have we been told to have a healthy diet, get moderate exercise, and stop smoking? How do our own indulgence and stupidity constitute an emergency for the government...?"

From Kim Halyk, Combine, TX:

"Coming from Canada, I can tell you increased government intervention of health care is the wrong answer. Socialized medical programs are a disaster. Many people wait months for common medical procedures."

Happy debating...


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