Coyotes Have Community Howling Mad

Residents in a gated community just outside San Jose (search) are howling mad: They say they're being terrorized by a family of coyotes (search) that has moved in, and they're getting no support from the city to get rid of them.

Neighbors said the coyotes follow people home, skulk around garages and have even stalked local children.

Longtime Villas of Almaden resident Gail Haywood said the coyotes killed her cat and dozens of others. She said she keeps her dog close when she ventures outside.

"In the mornings when I have to bring him out, they're sitting right here. It's not like I'm going out into the big woods with my dog — I'm coming out of my garage," she said.

In a suburban setting, coyotes like these can create a dangerous situation. But city council members voted against allowing residents to trap the coyotes out of what one council member called his deep respect for all life.

"I shouldn't just go out and just eradicate the environment, that's just not a natural state of events because we were not given the power to do that," said San Jose City Councilman Forrest Williams. "And I feel strongly about life in the sense that, from a spiritual perspective, thou shall not kill, that's just a commandment that I live by."

Haywood said she respects Williams' point of view, but believes there are no other options.

"I understand him saying, 'I couldn't kill anything.' We don't want to kill anything. But we're given no other choice, and I think he could've removed himself if this is a personal belief."

Under state law, residents must get city approval to trap the coyotes, which are then euthanized by animal control. City leaders insist they're sympathetic, but want to explore other options.

For now, residents are doing what they can to protect their families and pets, and will keep pleading their case until they can convince the city they aren't just crying wolf.

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