Product Placement

Dear Friends of "FOX & Friends;"

Tuesday is the official launch date of Brian's new book "The Games Do Count: America's Best and Brightest on the Power of Sports."

To sell more books, he had toyed with the idea of naming his book "Bill O'Reilly Did Not Write this Book." But O'Reilly threatened a lawsuit… and a wedgie. So he scraped that.

Before the New York Times Book Review examines Brian's premiere literary work, let me say, it is a terrific read with so many exclusives and pictures I've never seen ANYWHERE. Meanwhile, I have two reasons why you should buy Brian's book:

No. 1: It's terrific.

No. 2: If it does well, when I write MY book on the behind the scenes of FOX News, "Doocy Dearest," I'll be able to get a huge advance from the publisher, so I can hire a ghost writer who can make up some juicy stuff that never happened.

In the news, of course, we continue to examine the upcoming election. Kerry's "nuisance" comment continues to dog him. Meanwhile the Bush camp has been giggling their way through questions about that "bulge" between the President's shoulder blades in debate one and two. Conspiracy theorists want us to believe that maybe it was a concealed receiver, so the President could get debate tips from Mr. Mystery. I am here with the WORLD EXCLUSIVE explanation: The bulge… was Brian's book.

Now that's good product placement!

See you in the morning!

Steve Doocy
"FOX & Friends"

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