Man Gives Up Millions for God

Jay and Sheila Gould were living out their dream, married 48 years with seven children. Then in October 2002, Jay lost his wife to lung cancer.

After rounds of golf and vacations brought little happiness, a priest's words moved Gould to do something that would shock all who knew him.

"The priest was right in front of me and looked like he was talking right to me," said Gould.

Give it all up, the Gospel said, and he did. A portfolio worth well into the millions was split among his children.

"I agreed to obedience, poverty and chastity," Gould explained.

Gould moved from the luxurious Denver suburbs to a modest room, with a picture of his wife and children, in a monastery. He is now with the Franciscan Friends of the Poor (search), serving the homeless.

"So many times in the Gospel, it says 'Take care of the poor, take care of the poor,'" said Gould. "And that's what I do, and every day I do that, I feel fulfilled."

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