Hecklers on 'DaySide'

Well, THAT was exciting!

Tuesday we had the rather unusual experience of a heckler who simply would not let up. She tried to dominate the discussion by refusing to let go of the microphone and then grabbing my hand! You all know me (I hope) as a nice gal from the Midwest — which is what I am — but today I just had to draw the line. By the way, it turns out that heckler was someone who had caused security problems before at FOX.

Moving right along...

Wednesday, we are focusing on (you guessed it) the third and final presidential debate (search). As you know, it will be solely on domestic policy. Among the topics to be addressed are the economy, jobs and health care.

On the economy and jobs, I hope to lasso my friend and colleague Neil Cavuto — I'm hoping he'll come to the studio to put the economy/jobs issue into plain English, since the Kerry and Bush campaigns are both spinning like mad.

On health care, here's my question to you: Do you feel like the president and John Kerry have adequately explained their plans? Have they explained to your satisfaction how they'll pay for them? Will the HSAs (Health Savings Accounts) proposed by the president really work? Is John Kerry's plan going to make for more government intervention in health care — and is that wise?

And as long as I'm raising thorny questions, here's another one: Is health insurance a "right?" Why do we expect employers to pay for our annual checkups? Is that really their responsibility? (How did people get along in this country before employers started providing health care insurance?)

Chime in with your comments — dayside@foxnews.com — and I'll read some of your e-mails on the air tomorrow.

See you then!


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