Transcript: Michael Badnarik, Libertarian Candidate

Questions for Michael Badnarik (search), Libertarian presidential candidate:

1. Why have you decided to run for president?

I have decided to run for president to take the Libertarian message to the people, so that they have another choice in the November election.

2. What in your background qualifies you for the presidency?

My background is that of a trainer, and that qualifies me to spread the Libertarian message so that the American people will understand it.

3. What is you background?

I am a computer programmer and a technical trainer. Other people call me a computer geek and I don’t take offense to that, and again it’s primarily my training background and my ability to communicate our message.

4. Why were the convention debates such a deciding factor for the Libertarian nomination?

The Libertarian debates were a deciding factor, probably because I kept my messages short and on-point, and those messages resonated with the delegates.

5. Does the Libertarian Party have the mechanics and manpower to support a presidential candidate or a president for that manner?

We are building a campaign staff right now. We have volunteers from all 50 states who are lining up to support this campaign. We have money coming in, and we are going to do our best to get on the ballot in all 50 states, and get a higher percentage of the votes than we have in the past.

6. Do you feel that you could be a ‘spoiler’ to the Republican campaign? And how do you feel about the label ‘spoiler’?

I do believe that I can make an effect on the election, and perhaps steal enough votes from the Republican Party to affect the outcome. As far as my feelings on the definition of spoiler, the Libertarian Party tries to take votes from the Republicans and Democrats and we are primarily trying to get our message to the people.

7. Tell me a little about your running mate, Richard Campagna?

Richard Campagna (search) is a college professor from Iowa. I met him along the campaign trail and we had a friendship before we were nominated and I look forward to campaigning with him between now and November.

8. What do you say to those who think that voting for a third party is throwing away your vote?

To people who ask me about wasting their vote by voting Libertarian I tell them that the Democrats and Republicans both increase the size of government, both parties increase your level of taxes, and increase the level of government intervention in your life. If you want smaller government and you vote for either the Democrats or the Republicans, then you have wasted your vote.