Pfeiffer and Hubby Kelley Won't Work Together

Don't hold your breath for a guest appearance by Michelle Pfeiffer (search) on husband David E. Kelley's latest TV show.

Kelley, the creator of such hits as "Ally McBeal" (search) and "Boston Public," said Pfeiffer could have a role on his "Practice" spinoff, "Boston Legal" (search) only if certain conditions are met.

"She would be great. The trick would be convincing her to ever work with me. Even though I might be able to persuade her that other people are running the show, she might not quite believe that I would completely stay out of the process," he said.

"We made one rule that we would try not to work together if possible. For example, I wrote a feature a year ago that I thought she would happen to be right for. She read it, she liked it, and the next day I was fired off the project," he said.

"Boston Legal" stars James Spader (search) and William Shatner (search) as two eccentric lawyers.