The Foxlight: Sean Penn, Robin Williams, Tyra Banks, Sir Mick

Sean Penn at it again, Robin's new wheels, Tyra's new bra and Mick still wants satisfaction in today's Foxlight.

So Sean Penn (search) wants to head back to the Middle East? And this time he wants company. Penn is annoyed at anyone who encourages people not to vote. Who did that? The lovable creators of "South Park" and the new movie "Team America: World Police." Yep, Matt Stone and Trey Parker -- those rascally cross-dressers from the Oscars a few years back.

Penn invited the pair on a tour of Baghdad. Wouldn't Jon Stewart, Jay Leno and David Letterman love to get some fresh footage of Penn as Middle East tour guide? Foxlight would enjoy that as well.

Want proof Robin Williams (search) got paid too much for movies like "Patch Adams," "Bicentennial Man" and "Death to Smoochy?" His new wheels cost $15,000. Not a car -- a bicycle. Yep, $15,000 for something called a "Lunaris." Hey, it has "loon" in the name.

If he's that rich, maybe he can afford Tyra Banks' (search) new bra. It costs $10 million. For that it should come with Tyra.

Finally, is Page Six right? Was antique Mick Jagger (search) really hitting on -- are you ready -- Nicole Kidman (search)? If he wants to hit on young stars, how about picking on some lips that are his own size? Angelina Jolie? You want a little "satisfaction"?