Candidate Profile: David Cobb, Green Party

David Cobb, Green Party:

Where do you stand on the following issues?

· Same-Sex Marriage

I support the right of all people to marry each other as a matter of fundamental civil rights.

· Immigration

Illegal immigration in this country is being driven by the policies of NAFTA (search), the World Trade Organization (search) and the International Monetary Fund. Anybody who is concerned with so-called illegal immigration in this country should be working to help change the international economic policies that are displacing people from the global south.

· Separation of Church and State

I absolutely agree with the separation of church and state, unambiguously.

· Taxes

We need a complete overhaul in our tax system, so that the ultra-wealthy elite and the corporations pay their fair share. Right now, working people and poor people are paying an extraordinarily disproportionate share of their income.

· Job Creation/The Economy

We need to move towards genuine sustainable economics where everyone has meaningful work to do, that is productive, where everyone can feel like they are contributing productive members of society, and move away from an economic system that is literally destroying our planet and creating a racist, sexist, unjust world order with the plunder.

· Abortion

I support unambiguously a women's right to choose what to do with her body.

· Freedom of Speech/FCC

I absolutely agree with the freedom of all political speech, including the right to be on the ballot.

· Universal Health care

Absolutely support single-payer universal health care (search). It is the only way that we can ensure that there is good affordable health care for all citizens.

· Iraq

Opposed to the war in Iraq (search) when it was first proposed, and opposed to the continuing illegitimate occupation of Iraq, and call for bringing the troops home as quickly as possible with as much concern for the safety of troops as the safety of the Iraqi people.

· Gun Control

I believe that there should be good gun safety laws that are enforced. I support the right of individuals to keep bearing arms. I also agree with the necessity of having good gun safety laws for the protection of our communities.