Getting Tight

What an intense week in politics — on the show and in life.

Friday, I felt like we had two teams on the eve of the Super Bowl (search), with both nervous that their man would not shine in Friday's debate. Congressman Dick Gephardt weighed in with his personal take on the challenges of debating John Kerry and Sen. Jim Talent who all but guaranteed a Bush victory, as did Karen Hughes.

Friday night should be fascinating for all interested, because for the first time in years people are questioning how well the president knows the issues. So, if he pulls off a few impressive comebacks and manages to display a depth of knowledge, I think he gets the win even if Kerry is on his game.

Joining us on "FOX & Friends First" was a man with a message all St. Louis Cardinals and Red Sox fans should love and that's Buster Onlie. His book declares this Yankee dynasty dead — even though they are favorites to go back to the World Series. Who does he blame? George Steinbrenner, who else? All his wheeling dealing and overpaying, Buster believes, gutted the character on the roster.

Juliet was a great — as usual — Friday fill in for E.D. who played hurt Thursday and had to take off Friday. Special thanks to former Senator Bob Kerrey for taking the time to read my book, which he was featured in — as did Bob Beckel. We always have great pundits, but few are better and more entertaining then Bob, and his pairing with Mike Gallagher was electric.

Thanks so much for watching. You'll see us again Monday and be sure to watch over the weekend. When you write us be sure to include your review on the Friday Night fight!

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