Fast Facts: Hostages in Iraq

A brief summary of foreign hostages kidnapped in Iraq:


— Insurgents in Iraq have kidnapped more than 150 foreigners.


— British authorities are investigating reports that Bigley has been killed.

— Abu Dhabi Television reports that informed sources confirm the British citizen is dead.

— He was kidnapped along with two Americans (see "Hostages Killed" below) on September 16.

— Officials have identified the decapitated bodies of both Americans.

— Kenneth Bigley, 62, worked as an engineer in Baghdad. He worked on reconstruction.

— Bigley's wife is from Thailand and has made many emotional pleas to the kidnappers.

— Bigley was kidnapped just weeks before he planned to retire from his work in Iraq.

— He had planned to return to Thailand and live with his wife.


— A Jordanian businessman who did work with the U.S. military. A video appeared Oct. 2.

— Two Lebanese electrical workers were shown as captives in a video Sept. 30.

— Two Egyptian engineers were abducted September 22-23. Four of their co-workers were freed.

— Ten Turkish employees of a construction company. The kidnapping was reported September 18. The workers' company said it was freezing operations in hopes of saving the workers

— Three Lebanese travel agency workers were kidnapped September 17.

— Two French journalists disappeared August 21 while driving to Najaf.

— The Iranian consul to Karbala is being held. A kidnapper video appeared August 7.

— An Iraqi-American named Aban Elias has been held since May 3.

HOSTAGES KILLED (28, including Keith Maupin)

— Americans Jack Hensley (search), 48, and Eugene "Jack" Armstrong (search) , 52, were killed over two weeks ago. Their beheaded bodies were found September 22 (Hensley) and 20 (Armstrong). They had been kidnapped along with Kenneth Bigley (see above) on September 16.

— Al Jazeera has reported the death of an unidentified Turkish hostage, saying the claim comes from the Salafist Brigades of Abu Bakr Al-Sidiq.

— The body of a Turkish truck driver was found September 21 near Mosul.

— A Turkish truck driver apparently was beheaded in a video made public September 13.

— Twelve Nepalese workers. One was beheaded and 11 shot in the head and killed in a video posted on an Islamic Web site August 31. The men worked for a Jordan-based construction company.

— An Italian journalist was reported killed August 26 by militants.

— A Turkish worker was shot and killed in video made public August 2.

— Two Pakistanis — one engineer and one driver — were killed July 28. The militant group claiming credit said they died because Pakistan is considering sending troops to Iraq.

— Two Bulgarian truck drivers were decapitated.

— American Army Specialist Keith M. Maupin was reported killed by Arab television June 29. The U.S. military has not confirmed that. Maupin was 20 years old when he disappeared April 9. (see also "Missing" below).

— A South Korea translator was beheaded June 22.

— A Lebanese construction worker was found shot to death June 12. Apparently kidnappers wanted ransom.

— An Italian security guard was killed April 14.

— American businessman Nicholas Berg was beheaded after being kidnapped in April. He was 26.


— American truckers William Bradley and Timothy Bell. They were last seen April 9 when their convoy was attacked.

— American Army Specialist Keith M. Maupin was reported killed by Arab television June 29. The U.S. military has not confirmed that. Maupin was 20 years old when he disappeared April 9.


— Two Italian women were freed on September 28. The aid workers had been kidnapped Sept. 7.

— Two Indonesian women were released by captors on October 4.

— An Iranian man, serving as the Consul General in Karbala, was freed September 27.

— A freelance Western journalist and Iraqi translator were released after an appeal from aides of radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr.

— A British freelance journalist was freed August 13, one day after being kidnapped.

— A Filipino truck driver was freed July 22 after the Philippines withdrew its troops from Iraq early. He had been kidnapped July 4.

— Also freed: 24 Turks, 14 Jordanians, 10 Lebanese, seven Egyptians, five Japanese, five Chinese, three Kenyans, three Czechs, three Italians, three Indians, two Canadians, two Russians, a Pakistani, a Somali, a Frenchman, a Pole, a Syrian-Canadian and an Arab Christian from East Jerusalem.


— American truck driver Thomas Hamill escaped May 2 after being captured in April 9 ambush.

— A Polish businessman escaped by jumping from car near U.S. troops after abduction June 1.


— American Marine Corporal Wassef Ali Hassoun. He disappeared June 20 and then emerged in Lebanon July 8. Hassoun says he was kidnapped. U.S. officials say they are investigating.