Young Black Voters Target of Group's Ads

A Democratic group targeting young black voters has announced a new round of ads to run in battleground states through the Nov. 2 election.

The Media Fund (search) on Wednesday announced the next part of its multimillion-dollar ad campaign, which includes radio, print and TV ads to run in eight states. Young black voters must know more about Democratic challenger John Kerry and think past the fact they want to turn President Bush out of office, said Cornell Belcher, a researcher for the campaign.

"They want to come out and vote but they want to come out and vote primarily against Bush," Belcher told reporters during a conference call Wednesday.

The ads have a relaxed tone and focus on issues important to group's 18- to 35-year-olds, such as Iraq, jobs and the ability to move and stay in the middle class. They're meant to spur action with reminders like, "Don't keep getting played."

One spot, called "Just Getting By" says: "You need to understand that the clock is being turned back and no one seems to be paying attention."