Topics and Guests: October 6

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Nationwide Manhunt: A dangerous con imprisoned for trying to kill a cop is on the run, after escaping a maximum security facility. You won't believe who he's getting help from tonight.

An explosive new love letter emerges in the Scott Peterson (search) case. Wait until you hear when and where Scott wrote it. We'll get insight from Greta's legal eagles: KFI radio's Laura Ingle; Jim Hammer, former San Francisco assistant district attorney; Yale Galanter, defense attorney; defense attorneys Bernie Grimm and Ted Williams, and Westchester County District Attorney and former Judge Jeanine Pirro.

Plus, was there a plot to silence Peterson's girlfriend, Amber Frey? Hear what Frey's lawyer says was found right before Scott's arrest that suggests to her that possibility.

And, the infamous Peterson juror number five tells us what he finds strange about what he has heard in court so far.

Plus, on Thursday: The "Long Island Lolita" is all grown up. Now what does her new tell-all book reveal? Find out when Amy Fisher (search) goes "On the Record."

That story and much more...

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