Oct. 6, 2004

The media is all atwitter about the Duelfer report.  Some newspapers are taking the opportunity to slam the Bush administration, but there’s much more in the report about Saddam’s psyche and the reality of his threat to the world than the absence of WMD stockpiles.  PowerLine has a rundown of the report.

It’s amazing that Kerry wants to include the UN in global security decisions when they run criminal schemes like the Oil-for-Food program.  And, of course, it is no surprise that the most outspoken opponents to the war in Iraq were those who benefited from Saddam's bribes.  This just begs the question: who are these allies Kerry keeps saying Bush has alienated?

And finally, here’s some sage political analysis from the Democratic nominee for Vice President: Senator John Edwards has said the Bush administration "is in denial about everything."  Pot, meet kettle.  You’re black.

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