Happy Birthday to Us!

Dear Blog-of-War Readers;

It's Thursday and a big day at the FOX News Channel (search). It was eight years ago TODAY that the Channel signed on. It wasn't that many years ago when the TEST PATTERN actually got more viewers than the channel.

Fast-forward to today and FOX News is America's most watched, most copied, most EVERYTHING channel. For that we are all thankful to you, our vast viewing audience. I'd kiss you all, but I know some of you would hate that and others would like it. And that worries me.

So thank you for keeping us in jobs for the last eight years. My wife is especially thankful, because without the FOX News Channel, I'd be at home, asking her why she's folding those clothes THAT way.

Behind the scenes: We're celebrating the anniversary with an unheard of ratings win. According to the Hollywood Reporter, in the last quarter FOX News beat all of our competition COMBINED! To mark this special milestone, we're getting new carpet squares, just outside our studio.

But there's more... Brian is getting a new hairpiece.

Meanwhile in the news: On Friday, Martha Stewart finally goes to jail and the mean streets of Westport, CT will be safe again.

And it's time for Round Two of Presidential Smackdown. From TVSpy.com, I saw these funny observations:

"President Bush readies for Friday's debate. This time around he won't wear his feelings on his sleeves. That's where he'll put his answers to the questions.

"John Kerry preps for Friday's debate. He's preparing to connect with the common citizen. He knows jobs and health care are the real croissant and butter issues."

One joke per candidate: Fair and balanced, for eight years and counting.

Thanks again.

Have a great day and see you in the morning!

Steve Doocy
"FOX & Friends"

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