Gag Bags

Dear Viewers,

Wednesday I spent two hours trying to get my computer Internet service to work at home and was unsuccessful... so you don't have all the "behind the scene" pics from the vice presidential debate (search) to look at today.

I only had a few minutes to upload the pics once I got to work, so I only have posted about a dozen (I think I took 90!) I hope to post a few every day for a few days until you have seen them all and get an idea of the behind the scenes. I decided to show them to you in chronological order so that you know what we see as we enter the area for the debates.

Among the pictures on today's Site is a prank — no doubt by Kerry/Edwards supporters. The prank confronted us immediately as we in the media walked into the media area. My guess is that there will be some "pay back" at the debate Friday in St. Louis, but I could be wrong. There may even have been a prank from the Bush/Cheney supporters, but I missed it.

I watched the debate Tuesday night from inside the spin room (I left the debate hall just before it started), so that I could watch the debate that you watched. From the inside of the hall, you see it live and without the camera shots you see at home. While we watched it, we kept getting papered by reps from both candidates. Volunteers for both Cheney and Edwards kept walking around the room dropping press releases in front of us as we tried to watch. We had to constantly twist our necks to see the TV screens around these ambitious paper deliverers.

On Friday after the second presidential debate (search) we will immediately post a poll on our FOX Website so that you can vote who won. Make sure you vote... and tune in to our show (midnight eastern) to see who is winning our Website poll.


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