The Foxlight: Susan Sarandon; Kelly Osbourne; James Gandolfini

Sexy Susan, a star with a healthy body image and Gandolfini gets literary in today's Foxlight.

Apparently leaning to the left constantly keeps your body in great shape. Susan Sarandon (search) may have turned 58, but she boasts Playboy has been after her for years to pose for them. She jokes she's gotten "a lot of lunches out of Playboy." She admits she has seriously considered their offer, but she says she wouldn't want to pose nude and then have this be the only thing anyone thinks of when they hear her name. But she says her sons "are just getting to the age where they are starting to look for Playboy magazine."

The real Kelly Osbourne (search) never had trouble speaking her mind on her family's reality show. Now, her character on ABC's "Life as We Know It" does the same. Both accept themselves and their bodies. Osbourne says she doesn't consider herself fat and her body doesn't bother her at all. And, she says "it's sick that in today's society and in the media" she's considered fat. But she says she embraces it because "this could help people."

Finally, Tony Soprano (search) is going to play Ernest Hemingway? Will he go fishing with an Uzi?