Vice Presidential Debate:Important, or Inconsequential?

Vice President Dick Cheney (search) and North Carolina Sen. John Edwards (search) are expected to have a no-holds barred showdown Tuesday, when the two men will square off for the first and only vice presidential debate in the 2004 race for the White House.

During what's being dubbed by some as "the race for Case" — since the debate will be held at Case Western University in Cleveland, Ohio — Cheney and Edwards will appear in a town-hall style setting to answer a wide variety of questions that could include issues like the War on Terror, the war in Iraq, the economy, jobs and health care.

Vice presidential debate: Important, or Inconsequential?

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Since I am feeling bi-poll'r today I have two answers: I belive that, for women, every aspect of this election is IMPORTANT. We can not loose focus and a poor showing for John Edwards could slow the momentum that John Kerry gained during the first debate.
Amy H.

If Cheney does well it the results will be inconsequencial, except for the spawning of new jokes regarding "the real power in the W.H." etc. If Edwards does well it will be of great consequence because it will be liberal proof that Cheney/Bush are bumbling idiots.
Tony K.
Henrietta, TX

Yes the vice presidential debates are important because either man could be just a "Dirty Bomb" away from being president.
Gene D.
St. Louis, MO

The Vice-Presidential debate is important as are the Presidential debates.  This format, while not a "debate" in the classic sense, does force candidates to leave the comfort zone of prepared text and respond to issues that are often not addressed in "stump speeches".  The public would be better served if such head-to-head question and answer meetings were hosted weekly, or perhaps even more often.  They could have started immediately following the party conventions which would have allowed voters a superior opportunity to compare and contrast the candidates.
Tom B.
Oklahoma City, OK

As an indicator of how I feel about tonight's debate I will be renting "Finding Nemo" and going to bed early…
John and Joan P.

Although I am looking forward to watching the debate I DO NOT want to see them just ripping at each does that help me make my decision on who to vote for? I want to see them talk abotu the issues and point out the differences. I just hope I don't see two adults fighting like they are on the playground.
Carmen Z.
Monterrey, Mexico

Tonight's debate is basically between a man who — along with Rumsfeld, Powell, Reagan, et all — fought and won the Cold War and served this nation well for over 30 years, and a man who's a glorified slip-and-fall lawyer and a high-profile ambulance chaser.
Jim K.
Fairview, NJ

The VP debate is important. It will show the nation that John Edwards is a light weight when it comes to foreign policy.
Lance A.
Santa Monica, CA

The VP debates are more important this election year than in the past. An unrecognized accomplishment of the Bush-Cheney administration is the elevation of the vice-presidency to a key cabinet position, with a status above the secretary of state or the secretary of defense.
Kerry and Edwards have been seen embracing each other. Bush and Cheney embrace the same strategies about how we run this country. Instead of "hug-a-buddy" the Bush-Cheney team work together.
Larry F.
McGaheysville, VA

I think the vice-presidential debate is important. We all remember the assassination of JFK and the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan. The vice-president is only a heart beat from being president. I look at the candidates as a team, Bush-Cheney and Kerry-Edwards.
Alice C.
Virginia Beach, VA

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