Hunting High and Low

Wednesday's show began with the latest on the hunt for the presidency and ended with a hunt for men.

No, not our hunt for men — Carmen Electra's (search) new show on Bravo called "Manhunt." The series is the latest reality show, which looks at the quest to become the next famous male model. Carmen's appearances are always fun, but this time two things stood out. I suggest you get the tape and judge for yourself if you missed it.

We also had two impressive fiery women on the big show: Judith Regan and Ann Coulter (search). Judith has a great new special out on our channel called "Spoiled Rotten" and Ann has a new book which is a handbook for talking to Liberals — something I can not imagine her doing.

As for the vice presidential debate, we had so many people on who just could not decide who had won — which leads me to the belief it was a draw. Personally, I felt Cheney had the better of Edwards, but the senator did not wilt. I am not sure what will happen Friday in Round II of the presidential debates, but I can say for sure that Senator Kerry will be confident and prepared and the pressure on the president will be extreme. In truth he has shown to be at his best when the heat is turned up and this should be just another one of those times.

How shocked are all of you that just two weeks after our interview, Tiger Woods (search) gets married and for some reason I am not invited? It makes no sense! Plus, after two great weeks of ratings, we dropped to a normal number. But I imagine they'll be back for our post-debate show today. Lets keep it up!

Thanks so much for watching and I ask you two things as usual: Which segment/interview did you like best Wednesday? And what, or who would you like to see soon on our show?

For those on top of all things Friends-related, my first book is out Tuesday, October 13. It's called "The Games Do Count" and I think you will learn something new about 73 people you thought you already knew everything about, specifically their life in sports.

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