The Foxlight: J-Lo, Rodney, 'Wives'

J-Lo should have known better, Rodney's reality show and "Housewives" not desperate for ratings in today's Foxlight.

Us Weekly says J-Lo (search) wants to knock her own block off -- off of MTV and VH1 that is. J-Lo wants her "Jenny From the Block" video -- the one that shows her Lo-ness and former boyfriend Ben Affleck romping on a yacht, in a hotel and in a Bentley -- pulled off the air. The New York Post says Lopez's latest husband, Marc Anthony, is jealous. So far no comment from the cable channels.

Rodney Dangerfield (search) will be missed, but now I can't wait for a behind-the-scenes documentary of his later life that's reportedly been in the works for more than 10 years. One of Rodney's closest associates has been lugging a camera around everywhere Rodney went.

Finally, this is how desperate we are for entertainment. A show about insecure, over-sexed, lingerie-clad housewives was No. 1 in the ratings. Yep, ABC has a hit with "Desperate Housewives." (search) And Foxlight was tube-side for every morsel. I'm hooked on the girls.