Bush, Kerry Take Break Ahead of Debate

With the election four weeks from today and the next presidential debate only three days away, President Bush and Democratic rival John Kerry (search) are taking a breather from the campaign trail.

Bush had no public events on his schedule Tuesday as he prepared for Friday's face-off and for what's being billed as a "significant" speech Wednesday about the war on terrorism and the economy.

White House Spokesman Scott McClellan (search) said the speech will lay out "the clear choices and real differences" facing the American people come November.

Kerry planned on watching Tuesday's vice presidential debate between Dick Cheney (search) and running mate John Edwards (search) from Denver, where he was to begin two days of preparation for his next meeting with Bush.

Kerry said Cheney should acknowledge mistakes made in Iraq, pointing to remarks by the former head of the U.S. occupation that more troops had been needed in the aftermath of war.

"I hope tonight Mr. Cheney can acknowledge those mistakes," the Democratic presidential candidate said. "I hope Mr. Cheney can take responsibility."

Commenting on Tuesday's vice presidential debate, Democratic spokesman Mike McCurry (search) said Edwards will seek to make points on some of the very same issues on which Kerry scored in his debate against the president last week. Those include Iraq and the impact of Bush administration economic policies.

AP contributed to this report.