It's that time again: Yes, sports fans, we've got another debate to look forward to!

Tuesday night in Cleveland, Ohio, it's the Veepstakes. Dick Cheney (search) and John Edwards (search) will sit down together at a table (literally — no podiums this time). For Tuesday's show, we're planning to talk with a politician who debated John Edwards and we're searching for someone who's done the same with Vice President Cheney (Sen. Lieberman perhaps.)

Here's what I'm after: Each man's weak points. Their respective strong points are pretty obvious — what do you think are their weak points? What would you zero in on during this debate? Let's bat it around tomorrow with our political guests. Send your suggested questions to:

Also, I'm planning to have Saddam's chief nuclear scientist on the show. Mahdi Obeidi is his name — he's just written a book about exactly what he was up to as the U.S. was preparing for war. My question for him is: Why the heck didn't you tell U.N. weapons inspectors what the real deal was on WMD when you met with them in the last days before the war? Had you told them the whole truth, it might have dramatically affected the course of events. How is it that the world's premier intelligence services — the CIA for one — got it so wrong about the state of Saddam's WMD program? Was your inner circle of scientists so hard to penetrate that there was no way we could have known the real state of affairs? Why didn't Saddam just let the inspectors go freely where they wanted in those tense months before the war? Was it pride?

I'd also like to pose some questions from viewers as well — so send your suggestions to the e-mail address above.

See you tomorrow.


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