Trail Dust: Pulling Ahead?

This is a partial transcript from "The Beltway Boys," October 1, 2004, that has been edited for clarity.

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FRED BARNES: Let's check out this week's battleground polls, all taken before Thursday night's debate.

We begin in Florida. A recent Gallup poll shows President Bush with a big 9-point lead, that's as opposed to a small 9-point lead, Mort.

President Bush picks up Pennsylvania this week. He has a 3-point lead in the Gallup poll. Gore won that state by 4 in 2000.

Michigan, a Democratic state, largely, goes in President Bush's column this week as well. A Detroit Free Press poll shows Bush with a narrow 2- point lead. That's as opposed to a wide 2-point lead.

The race is tightening in Ohio, a Bush stronghold. His lead has shrunk to 2 points in the Gallup poll. Bush won the Buckeye State by 4 points in 2000.

And Oregon goes back to Kerry, not surprisingly. He's up 7 points in the latest Research 2000 poll in that state, which Gore won in a squeaker in 2000 by roughly 4,000 votes.

MORT KONDRACKE: So, Bush picks up Michigan and Pennsylvania this week, important pickups, while Oregon goes to Kerry. Bush increases his electoral lead in "The Beltway Boys" Scoreboard to a big-time 344 electoral votes to Kerry's 194.

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