Spin Valley?

Dear Viewers,

Last night we had few problems with the show — although at one reference (and I had several) I heard myself on air refer to “spin alley” - the area where all the interviews are done - as “spin valley.” OK ... at least it was close ... stupid, but rhymed ... could have been worse....

Before our show I watched the debate inside the auditorium. I was so cold and not the only one. At one point I wondered if it would start snowing in there. I was not the only one freezing — I heard much audience grumbling before the debate even started.

The two candidates before the debate had negotiated the temperature - and both wanted it cold because they would be working - debating - under the hot lights on the stage. I can understand and don't blame them - we in the audience just weren't ready for it. Any spectator at this debate who attends the next presidential one in St.Louis is likely to show up in ski clothes.

There were - to overuse the new phrase in politics - a few “rock stars” wandering around before and after the debate. Everyone wanted to meet, talk to, get pictures with, etc. Senator McCain, Governor Ann Richards....and yes, Bill O'Reilly. I think everyone inside the auditorium was very excited to be there - I know I was.

I spoke to a producer for PBS (searchwho has been to many and she cautioned me that there would be two debates last night - the one I saw inside the auditorium and the one fifty million plus saw on television.

The one on television is the “real” one since that is the one the fifty million plus voters / viewers see and that is a large voter block!! She reminded me that the camera shots etc have an effect - and I was simply watching a “one shot” - a stage with two debaters.

I did not even have the close up shot that the viewers got at home to see facial expressions. And alas, age has not helped my vision ... I have decided to get a tape of the debate so that I can see the debate you saw at home.

I took about 75 pics so that I could post them on the blog for you but can't do it until I get back to Washington, DC.


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