Political Ad Target

Here’s the latest edition of Some Stories You Won't Find on any other Sunday show:

By the Numbers

Most Online polls taken after Thursday's presidential debate (search) showed Senator Kerry a landslide winner over President Bush by much bigger margins than the scientific polls.

Well, now we know why: CBSNews.com reports that the Democratic National Committee sent an e-mail to Party regulars urging them to vote Online as soon as the debate was over.

Well Documented

Some House Republicans shared a few laughs when they received a flyer mocking Dan Rather's (search) sources of information.

The flyer — created by friends of Georgia Congressman Jack Kingston — includes a copy of the Declaration of Independence with what looks like Dan Rather's signature.

Political Ad Target

The National Rifle Association (search) has apparently decided it's no time for subtlety. The NRA has a new anti-Kerry ad out that shows a poodle with a pink bow wearing a John Kerry sweater.

The ad — titled "That dog don't hunt" — charges that Kerry has voted to outlaw certain firearms used by hunters. But the Kerry camp says it's "amazing that the leadership of the NRA would attack a lifelong hunter."