The Foxlight: Pauly Shore, Mel Gibson, Billy Joel, Alicia Keys

Pauly "Shore" isn't hip anymore, Mel's groupies, Billy's babe and Alicia's aphrodisiac in today's Foxlight.

How over is Pauly Shore (search)? The New York Post says he showed up at the opening of a New York gym and still couldn't get the paparazzi to take his picture. When his brother tried to hit on a girl by saying he was Pauly's brother, she said "Oh my God -- that makes you so much more uncool." Maybe all of this is explained by the title of his brother's new movie -- "Pauly Shore Is Dead."

Mel Gibson (search) says he's got a stalker. After "The Passion of the Christ," aren't they called followers now, Mel? Maybe he just wants his $10 back.

So Billy Joel (search) married a 23-year-old woman? I hope she has a valid driver's license. Maybe she was a friend of his daughter. For what it's worth, I have six weeks in the office pool.

By the way, is Nicolas Cage still married to that sushi waitress? I think my date passed in that pool.

Finally, Alicia Keys (search) brags to Esquire magazine that bananas get her "horny." Remember when all artists had to be was talented? And we didn't know anything about their personal lives? Wasn't that better in a lot of ways? Oh wait, then I'd be out of a job. Never mind.