The Foxlight: Trump, Angelina, 'Lost'

No free Trump, Angelina coos for kids and "Lost" finds an audience in today's Foxlight.

If you want to hear Donald Trump (search) talk, watch "The Apprentice." Otherwise, it could cost you a lot of dough. Trump is charging the University of Buffalo in New York $200,000 for one lecture. He's part of the school's distinguished-speaker series. Trump says it's a bargain, because he normally charges $300,000! But he says he doesn't keep the fee. Instead, he says he gives it to charity. All of it, Donald? Let's get O'Reilly on this one.

Angelina Jolie (search) says she's using her "bedroom voice" for Lola in "Shark Tale." She also says having a son is what inspired her to make a cartoon. She also says tabloid reports don't bother her unless it undermines someone else's life. She says it's a joke in her household who she's dating every week. And move over Gwyneth and Madonna -- Angelina and her son are moving to London.

Finally, "Lost" (search) is one of the best shows on television and may be responsible for a drop in air traffic -- that crash is a little too realistic and they keep going back to it. But just what is out in that jungle? And when we find out, is the show over? This doesn't feel like a show that can go for more than a year.