Fast Facts: Schwarzenegger Bills

Some of the 50 bills signed into law Thursday by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger:


— Certain government agencies will have the power to deny public record requests for personal information relating to people who work in facilities such as abortion clinics.


— Makes those who spray pesticides liable for the medical care for those harmed when the pesticides drift from agricultural areas to a "nonoccupational setting."


— Indian tribes will get early notice if local governments are planning to develop areas that could be considered sacred sites.


Some of the 71 bills vetoed Thursday by Schwarzenegger:


— Consumers would have had three days in which they could return a used car they had bought.


— The state would have sought federal permission to buy lower-cost Canadian prescription drugs for state prisons, state hospitals and mental health facilities.

— The state would have created a Web site to help Californians buy low-cost prescription drugs through Canadian pharmacies.

— The state would have identified Canadian pharmacies that meet recognized standards to safely handle and ship prescription drugs to California consumers.

— Students would have been required to agree not to use performance-enhancing substances to participate in interscholastic sports programs.


— The state would have created a commission to advise the governor, Legislature and state agencies on issues relating to the social and economic development of Hispanic communities.


— Homeowners associations would have been stopped from foreclosing on homes for small debts.