Car Bomb Kills Two

A suicide attacker exploded a car bomb Thursday outside the mayor's office in the Abu Ghraib (searcharea west of Baghdad (search), killing at least two people and wounding 60, including at four U.S. soldiers, Iraqi and coalition officials said.

The bombing targeted a compound that houses the mayor's office, a police station and other buildings, police 1st Lt. Ahmed Jawad said. A U.S. Humvee parked in front of the compound was hit, he said.

At least two Iraqis were killed and 60 wounded, said Dr. Abbas al-Timimi of Abu Ghraib hospital. Four American soldiers were wounded and were evacuated, said Maj. Philip Smith, spokesman for the U.S. 1st Cavalry Division.

Smoke and fire could be seen rising from the scene as U.S. forces sealed off the area.

Insurgents waging a 17-month campaign against the United States and its allies in Iraq have staged a series of dramatic bombings. Police and others working for the U.S.-backed interim authorities have repeatedly been targeted.