Parents Ask Schools to Remove Vote Booths

Dozens of parents have signed a petition asking town officials to remove election booths from schools out of concern for terrorism.

Sally Morgan cited the potential for terrorists to try to disrupt the Nov. 2 presidential election, as well as the school hostage crisis in Russia earlier this month in a petition sent to the town's Board of Selectmen.

The petition, signed by 125 parents, asks town officials to move polling places to more secure locations such as the town library, fire stations and churches.

Selectman Joseph J. Durant argued that pulling the election booths would rob students of an opportunity to see how democracy works. He also denied a threat to children exists.

"I think when fear and insecurity is introduced into Americans' everyday lives in something as simple and fundamental as this, it is a sad state of affairs," he said.

Morgan has also taken her concerns to the town's School Committee, which has reviewed voting day security at the schools.