Help Me, Rhonda

Dear Viewers,

Last night, before our show, I took a break to run across the street from the bureau to see many of my colleagues who had gathered.

Why had they gathered? To celebrate the opening of "B2G" — Beauty to Go. B2G is the brainchild of Rhonda Jenkins (searchwho runs our make up room at Fox. She had the brilliant idea - and has now launched the idea - to create a mobile make up studio.

Before Rhonda came up with this idea, it was a bit of a production to gather make up artists, and all their supplies to do remote jobs. The attached pictures of her "Beautybago" shows you exactly what her idea is.

In short it is a customized Winnebago that houses six styling stations for make up and hair with a separate room for private attention. Rhonda and her crew will be able to do make up for weddings, movies, or other big events in the Washington, DC area by simply hopping in the driver's seat and pulling up to the location. It solves all the usual problems for make up and events.

Because of her years in the business in DC, she knows just about everyone in the area so she can easily match make up artists to the needs of customers. Last night at the event were Brian Wilson, Major Garrett and others who you would recognize from our air.

And yes, the guys showed up because not only do they love Rhonda (we all do), but guys have to get make up for television! Incidentally, the B2G website is and the phone number if you have a wedding or big event coming up is (301) 318-2323.


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