The Foxlight: 'Apprentice,' Conan, Eric McCormack

"Apprentice" bets off, Conan gets hair and "Will" has no way to become a singer in today's Foxlight.

An Internet betting parlor has suspended wagers on the winner of the second season of "The Apprentice," saying there's an "unusual betting pattern on two contestants" from accounts originating in New Hampshire. He says when it's happened before, it's because someone has known the outcome.

Conan O'Brien jokes that his hair will go even higher when he's on TV an hour earlier. I hope the material is funnier than that when he takes over "The Tonight Show." He's got five years to write better stuff.

Where there's a "Will," apparently there isn't a way to sell records. New York Post says Eric McCormack saw his dreams of a recording contract die a horrible death last week when the "Will & Grace" CD sold a mere 17,000 copies.

"Eric had been hoping to branch out and, in addition to doing 'Will & Grace,' wanted to do an easy listening album," said The Page Six source.

Foxlight thought he was in trouble when we heard his Simon-cringing performance on the "Today" show a few weeks back ... McCormack laughed off the story and said, "The song was just for fun, no one needs to worry that I am looking for a recording contract." Good.