Bin Laden Featured in Nethercutt Attack Ad

Sen. Patty Murray (search), D-Wash., has "a different view of Usama bin Laden," her campaign rival charged Wednesday in an attack ad that uses a picture of the Al Qaeda leader and the senator's words to challenge her credentials in the war on terror.

"She did not praise Usama bin Laden (search) and we should stop playing politics with the war on terror and get on with winning it," countered Alex Glass, a spokeswoman for Murray. She called the commercial a "desperate political attack" by GOP rival George Nethercutt (search), who trails in the polls.

The ad shows Murmmittee has already run independent television ads in a few key races, Washington is not among them. Nethercutt's prospects for an upset are likely to depend in part on gaining strong financial support from the party.

Campaign rivals often clash over the war on terror, but even in the presidential race, neither President Bush nor Sen. John Kerry (search) has suggested the other man views bin Laden as anything but an enemy of America.

The ad was posted to Nethercutt's Web site early in the day, and a spokesman said it was airing statewide.

Glass said the ad took Murray's remarks out of contest. She said the senator had voted to go to war in Afghanistan in the wake of the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, to bring bin Laden to justice and eliminate his terror network.

She said Murray planned a formal response in a conference call with former Sen. Max Cleland (search), D-Ga., a Vietnam veteran and triple amputee.