Sept. 28, 2004

Here is a quick round-up of political and geopolitical news you can use.

It’s Politics as Usual

We begin with Candidate Kerry fulminating against the lyin’ George Bush. As debate day approaches, the chief allegation seems to be that Team Bush, in its haste to blow Saddam Hussein into a fine pink mist, dispatched ill-equipped men and women to the Middle East, hurling some combatants into the fray without the benefit of body armor.

Then comes a new theme, same as the old theme, that the White House is hatching plots at light speed. Slings and Arrows has an amusing summary, concluding with yesterday’s “bombshell” that the president even has a secret plan for milk, the cur! 

Senator Edward Kennedy also entered the fray, reprising Lyndon Johnson’s claim that the Republican candidate for president will put the world at risk of nuclear warfare. He also is retailing body armor myth.

Daniel Ellsberg, he of the Pentagon Papers, has a Rather-like intuition that George W. Bush and his top grandees deliberately lied their way into a war. Lacking any evidence, he has published a plea for a whistle-blower to come forward. The New York Times has given him the advertising space for free:

For those thinking about trying to write a full Kerry biography, a cautionary note:  Don’t buy the senator’s claim that he attended the March 3, 1991 conference in Safwan, Iraq, that concluded the Gulf War. (He laid this one on Bill O’Reilly three years ago.) This turns out to be one of those Christmas-in-Cambodia recollections. In truth, Sen. Kerry wasn’t there; he was partying in Boston and Washington. Captain’s Quarters  has the entire tale.

On a less exalted note, New York State Assemblyman Denny Farrell has entered the Bush-is-a-dope contest with a direct assault on simple declarative sentences. Mr. Farrell believes in a universe hooded with gauzy shadows; one in which complexity and nuance stand out as virtues and fixed moral principles mark one as an atavistic knuckle-dragger. The New York Post has the story.

In a similar vein, John Edwards has become officially humorless with the latest Bush-is-a-liar-and-a-fiend blast at some ads that smear Kerry by quoting his own words!

Senator Kerry has chimed in on the civility front, declaring himself unamused with President Bush’s attempts to play the role of Don Rickles.

Oh the Insanity!

Speaking of laugh-a-minute guys, George Soros has announced plans for a 12-city tour, in which he plans to share with rapt audiences his weltanschauung. Actually, Soros is at least interesting: If he comes near here, I’ll try to listen to him speak.

You will hear many allegations this year that Republicans stole the election in Florida four years ago by intimidating minority voters. This not only isn’t true; it’s also a classic case of race-baiting. The Wall Street Journal has the best take on this now-tiresome attempt to divide us (again) by race. 

Meanwhile, a few notes from the real world. First, this  from the Washington Times:
Al Qaeda apparently is trying to recruit Central American drug gangs with heavy U-S presence. The idea is to enlist them in further destroying the country.

And this, from Faisal al Kasem, who calls himself the Bill O’Reilly of al Jazeera – an interview with an imam who finds the beheadings of Westerners not merely thrilling as television, but holy as an activity. I am not making this up.

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