Here We Go Again

Jimmy Carter (search) is at it again.

The former president — whose presidential years shall live in infamy as far as I'm concerned — is now warning U.S. voters that team Bush is preparing to steal the Florida election this year.

What he actually said, in a Washington Post opinion piece, is that Florida still does not have systems and oversight in place to guarantee a fair election. Carter is now a self-appointed overseer of elections around the world and, by warning about Florida, he has placed Florida in the same class of elections as those held in Venezuela, Indonesia and Mozambique, where he also keeps an eye on election practices.

This is the same ex-president who angled for the Nobel Prize as an overt rebuke to President Bush for ignoring Jimmy Carter's advice and proceeding with a war against Saddam Hussein.

This is the same Jimmy Carter whose presidency created the worst and most bitter years of my life and the lives of every American I knew.

He was a calamity as a president and yet he has maintained the gall to sit in judgment of elections and those elected?

The biggest laugher in Monday's critique of Florida goes like this. Carter calls for uniformity in voting procedures in Florida. That is precisely what the U.S. Supreme court Called for when the court stopped recounting in Florida after the Florida Supreme Court rules that variations in vote counting procedures from precinct to precinct was permissible.

In other words, Jimmy Carter wants to make certain that if a dimpled chad is counted at that counting station, it is also counted at the next one. Such rules were not in place in Florida in the 2000 election, but are now.

When the U.S. Supreme Court insisted on the exact same standard Carter is now insisting on, Carter and his fellow travelers hollered that Bush stole the election through his brother the governor and Republican minions and he had been selected not elected.

Jimmy you're getting on in years. Don't drive at night and don't write for the op ed page. Reading it will be quite enough.