D.C. Holds Breath for New Baseball Team

Baseball-starved fans in Washington, D.C., have argued for 33 years that the national pastime should be played in the national capital. They may soon get their wish.

Baseball's acting commissioner Bud Selig (search) is expected to announce soon that the Montreal Expos will play next season at RFK stadium in Washington.

"The district of chaos deserves a break," one excited fan told FOX News.

Of course, D.C. baseball fans have had their dreams dashed many times by Baltimore Orioles owner Peter Angelos (search), who has killed previous attempts to bring baseball to D.C., arguing it would take fans from the O's.

D.C. is also a political town, and a controversy is swirling surrounding what the new team should be named.

"Hopefully, they could call them the Senators again," said one fan.

But D.C. Mayor Anthony Williams (search) and local politicians say no to that — part of their long-running campaign to point out that residents of the federal city do not have representatives in the U.S. Senate.

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