Can't See Me Playing?

Dear Viewers,

We usually do a live show but last night we had to tape a few hours early because I went to dinner at General Myers' house. 

As you no doubt know, General Myers (searchis the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff - in other words, the highest-ranking general in our military. General Myers was honoring his German counterpart and invited about 15 people to his home for that purpose.

What makes me really like General Myers is that he brought the six out of the kitchen — members of the military — who made the magnificent dinner. As you might imagine, these are young members of the military — not a match for the many decades General Myers has been in the military. He not only introduced each but knew something about each and told us. 

It is obvious that General Myers cares much for his staff or he would not know so much about them and want the rest of us to meet them and know who they are. In short, General Myers is a really, really nice guy.

Because we taped yesterday's show, we had to compete with other needs of our news organization. For instance, there was one segment I could not go to Laura Ingle (she had to turn over her camera and mike to Claudia Cowan for a quick live report) and there was one segment where I could not go to Jim Hammer for a few minutes.

Incidentally, why was Jim Hammer in Chicago for our show? I e-mailed him later since I was curious and got a response that he joined some friends at the Notre Dame football game this past weekend and was just making his way back west.

I tried to find out why Gloria Allred was in N.Y. — but, alas, she would not tell me. 

Finally, for those of you who read yesterday's blog, the right answer was Shep Smith.  Shep is the one who gave away the pool table. But here are some e-mails from viewers:

E-mail No. 1

Is it Steve Doocy that had the pool table?  He looks like a pool table kind of

Mat Rapoza


E-mail No. 2

Greg Kelly


E-mail No. 3

Dear Greta,
That's gotta be Shep!
Ramona K. Ludwig


E-mail No. 4 

Hi Greta,

I believe that the person giving away the pool table is Shepard Smith.

Martha Galletta


E-mail No. 5

Jessica Nicolette

E-mail No. 6
Hey Greta:  I was absolutely certain it must be Hannity giving the pool table away, that is, until I read that the donor views Access Hollywood, so it must be Colmes. ;-)
Howard M. Swartzman


E-mail No. 7
Pool table? Awwww...I would've loved that! Is it Tony Snow? Shep? No, it has be Neil Cavuto (I love that guy)! You see, Neil's "moving" because he's getting a bigger house so that guest "The Soup Nazi" can rent a room from him. (ha.ha.ha) Tell Neil that I am a "Seinfeld Junkie" and that I caught the interview the other day and I almost "peed" in my pants! That guy was "worse" than the Soup Nazi..I thought he was going to kill Neil with that "freaky" stare! I laughed hysterically.

Nice Wire!

E-mail No. 8

Dear Greta,
Is it Shepard Smith who sold his pool table?
Thank you for all your excellent work!
Laurie Noel
NOTE: Shep did not sell it ... he gave it away.
E-mail No. 9
have no idea on the pool table, but if I had to guess I'd say E.D.

If I'm wrong, can I still get a bumper sticker ? I watch you guys every morning.

Chuck Bisesi

E-mail No. 9
My guess is Rick Leventhal.  He's too busy chasing hurricanes to play pool these days.

Have a good week.

Susan Fitch

I have not yet gone through all the e-mails....but I am surprised at how many people guessed right. Note that so far no one guessed my name (I must not be the pool table type ... bowling type?), and  E.D. was the only woman guessed.


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