Campaign Events Costing Small Cities

Like a lot of swing state cities, Davenport, Iowa, has hosted more than one presidential campaign visit this season. And all these visits mean more officers are needed for security.

"It could go from five to six people involved in a motorcade ... up to 50 or 60 people," said Davenport Police Captain David Struckman.

Craig Malin, Davenport's city administrator, guesses that by Election Day (search) the cost of hosting all these campaign visits will be around $50,000.

"It would be very nice if they ... reimbursed us for those costs," Malin said.

The Secret Service (search) is in charge of security for the campaigns, but says it can't fund all the local efforts.

"While we understand [local police] support often results in costs to the communities, the Secret Service is not equipped to reimburse the costs," the agency told FOX News.

Some towns have sent bills to the campaigns, but Davenport will not. The city needs help with riverfront and bridge-repair projects totaling more than $500 million. By hosting campaign events for both sides and swallowing the extra costs, Davenport hopes that whoever is in the White House this January will remember Davenport fondly and help out.

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