Burkett's Broadside: Believe Bill, or Joe?

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Fort-Worth Star-Telegram corrected its earlier story -- published in the newspaper and online Friday morning -- to reflect that Bill Burkett was referring to conversations with CBS when he said, "They tried to convince me as to why I should give them the documents." The earlier version incorrectly reported that he had discussed the documents with Joe Lockhart of the Kerry campaign.

At the behest of a CBS producer, Joe Lockhart (search) -- an adviser to John Kerry -- said he talked to a central figure in the controversy over President Bush's National Guard service shortly before the release of documents whose authenticity CBS said it could not verify.

Lockhart says he listened to some campaign advice from Bill Burkett (search) for a few minutes and does not recall talking about Bush's National Guard records.

But in an interview with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Burkett -- the former Texas Air National Guard commander who provided apparently faked documents to CBS -- says that Lockhart tried to, "convince me as to why I should give them the documents."

Burkett's broadside: Believe Bill, or Joe?

A sample of your responses:

I don't believe either one of them.It's Joe's job to lie and it's Bill's nature to.       
Brian C.
Newark, NY

I believe Joe. Plain and simple! Dan Rather should retire but I would hate to see someone as him retire on such a sour note.
Kay G.
Pueblo, CO

Of course I believe him! Didn’t Dan Rather? Didn’t the Texas DNC say he was a great guy? If he was so honest according to the DNC until yesterday, how can he be doubted because he now doesn’t support Joe Lockhart version! What goes round...
Yvonne L.
Raleigh, NC

Of course Lockhard discussed the documents with Burkett. Anyone with an IQ above 70 knows that! Yes, Burkett is a documented liar, but Lockhart is a politician and by definition that means he is a liar also. This whole affair defines how low politics has sunk and I, for one, am sick and tired of it. An idiot and a moron are running for President. You put which tag you prefer on which candidate.
Don D.
Ft Pierce, FL

Burkett or Lockhart, try NEITHER.  All have lost their credibility.
Patti R.
Beaumont, TX

I don't believe either one, they are both liars.
Larry W.
Charleston, SC

Well, that's a silly question. They both are. And I bet they could both come up with some C.Y.A. documents verifying the truth of their statements.
Marge C.
Altamonte Springs, FL

We could ask Rather to check out this guy's story...
Terry M.
Jacksonville, FL

Isn't that like asking whether to believe Kitty Kelley or Michael Moore?
Don W.
Fisher, IL

It is too unbelievable that the documents would “not even come up” in their phone conversation. Sorry Joe, your story doesn’t pass the smell test!
William O.

I certainly don't believe Lockhart; however, in view of his ever-changing story, one has to be skeptical about Burkett also.  Surely there is a good investigative reporter out there somewhere who can find out who manufactured the documents and at whose request.
Brenda H.
Cleveland, TN

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