Money, Money, Money

For those of you who heard me subbing for Bill O'Reilly on his radio show, you heard me say I'd research the charitable contributions of Teresa Heinz Kerry (search) and then back up — here and now — a claim I made that she makes contributions with John Heinz's money that John Heinz may not have made, considering his politics.

I had a caller on who said she was a wonderful woman who did nothing but wonderful things.

Here's the deal: The Heinz Foundation (search) gave $8 million between 1995 and 2002 and half of that went to something called the Tides Center (search), which supports all sorts of radical causes ranging from environmental organizations, to overseas political organizations.

Now the Heinz Foundation has made certain that their money does not go into those kinds of radical causes by contract. But the problem — in my view — is, why give through the Tides Center at all, if you want to say you don't support their radical causes? After all, the Tides Center can devote more of its other resources to the radical causes if the Heinz money is being used for priorities approved by Mrs. Kerry.

The point of all this had to do with Mrs. Kerry's support of left wing, or progressive, or radical causes and the suspicion that she just might be using Heinz money in a way that her late husband, John Heinz, might not have approved.

Who knows? I'm sure his family has opinions about that and if they think he would have approved, fine. I just think it's also OK for the rest of us to look at her charitable giving and infer from the organizations she deals with what her political outlook is on various issues.

It seems to me that affiliating oneself with an organization like the Tides Center or the Tides Foundation is to approve, at least by implication, some of the tides more questionable giving to questionable organizations.

Other than that, I'm sure she's a wonderful woman.