The Foxlight: Colin Quinn; Madonna; Bebe

Colin's comedy, Madonna thinks like a dog and Lilith on "Law & Order" in today's Foxlight.

Comedy Central, change your mind about Colin Quinn's great show "Tough Crowd." (search) It hits more often than it misses, and it can't cost more than 10 cents to produce on that set.

Madonna (search) making a movie about a dog? She's made movies that are dogs, but this one reportedly is a documentary that may have a DOV -- dog's point of view. Didn't Letterman milk this idea to death 20 years ago?

Glad to see a television favorite is coming back to the tube. Bebe Neuwirth (search) should add some nice juice to the "Law & Order" franchise. That's right, there's yet another spin-off on the way. I hope she plays an attorney. I'm guessing that since she played comedy so straight, she'll probably bring levity to the drama. Expect lots of wisecracks. She's the new Jerry Orbach. Oh by the way, he's on this new version, too.