The Foxlight: Weekend Movies

"First Daughter," "The Forgotten" and "The Last Shot" hit theaters this weekend in today's Foxlight.

Katie Holmes says her new movie gave her an expensive taste for Vera Wang and ballroom dancing. But critics say "First Daughter" (search) is a losing ticket. New York Post says despite Holmes' charm, this one needs to be impeached.

Next, "The Forgotten" (search) is probably how a great actress like Julianne Moore hopes this film will live in audience's minds. One review is headlined simply "Forget It." New York Times calls it "preposterous." And the twist late in the story is goofy, according to most. So only the trailer looks cool, I guess, because I was actually looking forward to this one.

Alec Baldwin and Matthew Broderick are trying to make a movie with the mob. It's "The Sopranos" meets "The Player." It's called "The Last Shot," (search) and even though Baldwin refused to talk to FOX News about it, we'll extend a laurel wreath. Most of this actually happened when the government went undercover to catch some bad guys by pretending to make a movie. Trouble is, director Broderick doesn't know they're pretending.