Who Is Lucy Ramirez?

In addition to the day's breaking news, Friday on "DaySide" we will continue the search for the elusive Lucy Ramirez (search) — the woman Bill Burkett says gave him the bogus National Guard documents on George W. Bush. Documents which Burkett then passed on to CBS, which is now in a heap of trouble for putting them on the air.

So far, no one here at this news network has been able to find Lucy Ramirez. Have you? I've read articles suggesting that Democratic tricksters are the source and I've read articles suggesting it's Republican tricksters who are really behind it all.

Amateur gumshoes of the world, unite!

I eagerly await hearing from anyone who can find any trace of Lucy — or if she doesn't exist, the REAL source of the bogus memos. You know my e-mail address: dayside@foxnews.com

Other things on the agenda for Friday: politics (of course); the new HBO series "Family Bonds" (about a family of bail bondsmen — the Evangelistas will be here in the studio); and a couple of other surprises.

See you then.


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