Topics and Guests, September 22

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GUEST PREVIEW: Dr. Larry Sabato (search), director of the University of Virginia's Center for Politics, handicaps the presidential race.

Wendell Goler reports: Bush (search) and Kerry (search) spar over who has the better plan for Iraq. We'll have the latest from the trail.

Carl Cameron reports: Kerry says Bush's plan to privatize Social Security (search) would leave seniors without benefits, we'll have details.

Major Garrett reports: New Swift Boat ad takes aim at Kerry for meeting with North Vietnamese during wartime. Get a full report.

Amy Kellogg reports: Second American hostage slain in Iraq, will the cold-blooded killers face justice?

Details on those stories and much more on "Special Report with Brit Hume" at 6 p.m. ET.

— Guests and topics are subject to change